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As I come to know these fine people, they share with me more of their personal and sensitive stories. Their collective story is what I am trying to share with you as my way of breaking the stereotypical beliefs that exist. "Blog names" have occasionally been given to me by the person whose story I am telling. Names are never their actual names and wherever I can do so, I might use the opposite pronoun (his/her, etc.) just to help increase their privacy.

Philadelphia Jail Discharge Reform

This brief page points you to my blogs and other sites that discuss the issue of Philadelphia jails releasing people without their personal effects and at all hours of the night.  This is a situation that must be changed.

Please share this information with your friends and those who can make this change a reality.

Thank you.

Any intelligent discussion of the facts at hand requires an understanding of the issues.  This page is not meant to turn an enemy into anyone, nor is it meant to think less of any person nor organization.

Changes MUST be made ASAP so as to save the lives of human beings who are losing the battle in the addiction/homeless phase of Substance Use Disorder.  To the extent that the Philadelphia Jail system plays a part in these unacceptable losses, this page is focused.

The mission of the Philadelphia Jail System is as follows as described in the Philadelphia Jail Inmate Handbook:

Blogs I've written that relate to this topic:

Thoughts on "Each night, Philly jails release scores of inmates without returning their IDs, cash or phones"

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