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Sunday, October 14, 2018

A Cloth Door - No More

I've shared with you from time to time, the stories of Demetrius and Cecelia.  I first met this couple in July of 2016 when I started visiting Emerald City.  I've given them rides, gone out to eat and visited one of them in jail.  I've sat in the doorway of their tent.  I've come to know them for the people who they are and not for the disease they have endured.  Here's what I wrote about one such encounter:

As of a couple weeks ago, Demetrius and Cecelia have moved on from Emerald City and their cloth door.  They live in an apartment with the help of some city programming and their own determination.  When I saw Demetrius yesterday, he said that they would like to have a housewarming party.  I asked him what they need most.  "Extension cords?"  His face beamed with that well known Demetrius smile.  "Yes!  Extension cords!  Man, you have no idea how badly we need extension cords!  The building is very old and has one plug in each room.  We really need extension cords!" 

And then Demetrius added this footnote:  "You can't imagine how fantastic it is to go from years of living in a tent to needing extension cords!!!"