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Monday, February 17, 2020

This is true... Yes. This is True... No.

I found this statement at
"The Addicts Diary."

This is true... Yes.

This is True... No.

The "Yes" part is sort of obvious.

The "No" the part is not.

My friends died from their use of heroin or whatever else was in that (intended) insulin syringe. How many times did each of these human beings seek treatment within their required process of receiving health care as outlined by the Medicaid system?

How many times did they go to that Medicaid required crisis center only to leave after double-digit hours of waiting in desperate dope sickness and find their own healing by way of one little blue bag?

How many times did my friend get discharged from jail with no follow-up services set up and move to an abandoned house and die in solo medicine consumption since his community under that bridge had been eliminated?

She was fortunate enough to have a judge who truly cared and did his best for her.  Why didn't the Medicaid level detox/rehab assure that patients around her were not taking their "medicine" IN the state-licensed facility?  In the name of truly wanting to find healing, she left the poison of that environment and, in the absence of support was overcome with the temptations that come with Substance Use Disorder and life on the streets and died behind a closed door in an abandoned house since she had no bridge community upon which to return.

And now you know:

Heroin and the Medicaid system of health care killed my friends.