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Monday, August 14, 2017

I Love You in the Name of Jesus

Those words popped out of my mouth a few days ago as I returned the hug initiated by a woman in her mid-twenties who had just washed her blackened flip-flopped feet in my van following a night of providing services to "men" who hired her for their own pathetic reasons.  Those words have never been strung together by me in my life.  I'm not sure who was more shocked, her or me.

During that time of foot washing where I poured water over her feet and ankles while she did the washing, I was sure to explain to her that I was doing so because I care about her and, more importantly, Jesus loves her.

I asked her how she got to this point of being homeless and addicted and relying on "dates" to provide her with a basic income.  She willingly shared with me as I was pouring water over her ankles and feet that she had been in the early stages of working toward a medical degree specializing in plastic surgery when "legal problems" hit her life.

If you're reading this and that last sentence bothers you just a little bit...  please sponsor this young woman out of her homeless, addicted and "date" funded life.  Pray for her and provide for her! God knows her name.  I know where she lives.

Personal Pause in this Blog...

This is the first blog that I will have posted to Facebook where some of my Facebook friends ARE the homeless and addicted people of Kensington (some of whom are unhappily relying on "dates" for financial survival).  As you have shared your lives with me... As you have slept in my van...  As I have sat with you while you inject or as you have hidden your drugs from me as I have approached you, I want you to know what an incredible privilege it is to have your trust.  These blogs are my attempt to help other readers know that you are a fine person who is made in the image of God and worthy of dignity, honor, respect, and love.

Back to My Blog...

As I do each time that I visit these fine people under the bridge, I bring two cases of bottled water on ice.  At the request of the young lady mentioned above, I've started bringing fruit.

There's a slight tension in me as I hand the bottles of water to my friends.  Within a few minutes, I will be sitting on the sidewalk with some of these men and women who will be preparing their next hit of heroin by sticking their syringe through the opening into the bottle that I have just given them and using the bottle cap to mix the water and the drug to create the injection that may kill them right in front of my eyes.  (I do carry Narcan.)

Is it wrong of me to provide water?

Expanding this conversation: Is it wrong of me to allow a woman to use the side window of my van as a mirror to catch her reflection so she can apply her makeup in preparation for her evening of "dates?"

The answer is easy and the answer is NO!  The injections and the date nights would happen if I was not there.

No one under that bridge wants to be there.  Virtually every man and woman wants to be clean.  By being there, I willingly come alongside you, my blog reader who lives under that bridge to love you in the Name of Jesus and to encourage you and to walk with you as you make your way to clean.

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