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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Relational Ministry: I can't Imagine Any Other Way to Do This!

An experience this week serves as a great example.  I would love to tell you the specifics of this example but to do so would break confidentiality.  Let me share this story from the addicted person's side of their burnt bridge.

Burning the bridge between the family members of an addicted person and the addicted person themselves happens in three basic ways.  The family has had enough of the behaviors of the addicted person and burns the bridge or the addicted person ends all family relationships so as not to be an embarrassment to their loved ones.  The third way is a blending of the first two.

The true story that I'm writing about here and now without actually telling you the story has its roots in some combination of those three ways. 

The one loved one who remains on this addicted person's side of the burnt bridge contacted me this week to see if I'd seen or heard from her.  I hadn't and I too was concerned.  In almost the same moment, in what I call a God-incidence, our addicted mutual friend called me to say she had been hit by a motorcycle and her leg was injured.  She asked me to take her to the emergency room. 

A couple hours later, the three of us sat together in a hospital waiting room.  Our addicted friend sat between us.  We did all we could to remind her and to help her know that she's loved and cared for on her side of the bridge.  

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