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Saturday, February 5, 2022

Four weeks ago this morning...

Four weeks ago this morning, I woke to a text that simply said,

Jump ahead three weeks (One week ago)…

For those past 21 days, every aspect of my life had been written on lined paper - and still is.  If you look really closely at the lines, you would see that those lines are the very fine microscopic print of phrases such as “She’s dead.”  “She didn’t survive.” and similar such wordings as I try to digest the non-digestible.

This past weekend, a phrase started visiting me, not by my own thought process but as if from a visitor to my soul. 

I leave this with you to interpret its origin to me and its meaning for you:

“If you wake up tomorrow morning in the spirit world and discover that you had overdosed during the night, would you have done something differently this evening? 

This evening will be here before the end of the day.

Please plan accordingly.”


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