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Saturday, October 14, 2017

This may be one of my harder blogs to write...

Dear Reader,

This may be one of my harder blogs to write because I'm writing about what I need from you, your family, friends, and co-workers who may feel inspired to help me in this ministry.

My ministry to the homeless and addicted sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews of Kensington occupies much of my time when I am at my home.  As I write this, my washer and dryer are doing their thing on bags of clothes, blankets and more that have been donated.  Here are a few pictures:

I wash the clothes to be sure they are clean, to inspect them for holes and permanent stains, to give them a fresh from home scent and to pray for whoever will be wearing them.

Addicted people are people just as much as you and me.  Like us, they long for "normal."  Clean clothes with a scent of freshness often reminds them of better days.  These reminders are like seeds planted in their soul, seeds that may one day sprout a desire to be healed from their current issues.

Another part of my days at home in this ministry involve talking and texting with a few relatives of those who are on the street.  It is a privilege to do and say what I can to serve these hurting, concerned and frightened family members. This image was texted to me by a Dad who adores his addicted daughter.

Each time I visit Kensington, I bring at least two cases of water on ice and occasionally fruit.  As I distribute these items, I chat with these men and women.  I tell them about my church, Urban Hope, and all it has to offer them.  I provide a couple of printouts with Urban Hope's schedule of weekly activities and another paper with selected song lyrics on it.  One of the songs is "Clean" by Natalie Grant.  So far, three different people from the streets have gone to church with me.  A fourth visited Urban Hope with me during the week.

Almost every month, I attend the "Conquering Grounds Cafe in Bensalem Pa for further inspiration and networking with others who minister in their various groups and those who come for support in their own journey into deeper recovery through Christ.

While all of these efforts continue, I anticipate new ministry opportunities with specific others who have a passion for this vital work.  I will be sharing these goals in the near future.

In the meantime, I need your prayerful support financially and/or through providing needed supplies to make this all happen.  Here's a partial list of supplies that I need:

  • HD laundry detergent
  • Nature's Miracle (Normally an odor remover for cat issues in a house, this is helpful when I do someone's laundry and give it back to them all in the name of providing a "normal" moment in their life.)
  • Splash-Less Clorox (Scented)
  • 66 quart or larger CLEAR plastic tubs to carry the clothes to the streets
  • Acme Gift Cards for water, ice, fruit and first aid purchases
Actual financial support is needed for the following:
  • Buying the supplies mentioned above
  • $30.50 per ID for a man or woman who wants to go to detox NOW and won't be admitted because he/she has lost theirs or had it stolen.
  • Meals at Applebees with certain people who I sense are really searching for "normal."  (Imagine a grown man or woman tearing up as they enter a restaurant for the first time in months or years.  I do this all in the name of planting seeds of "normal.")
  • Paper and computer ink cartridges for printing the handouts I mentioned above.
  • My own meals and random expenses while I am there.
  • My car-related expenses.
  • My electric bill for the extra power used with the washer and dryer

So far, I have not mentioned my own income.  For the past 21 years, I have had a service business called "Your Helpful Neighbor."  You can click on this link to learn more about it.  If you live in my general area, you can support my ministry by having me help you around your home and/or telling your local friends and neighbors about me.  Be sure to read about my referral reward.

If you would like to financially provide for my income, as a point of reference, a full day of appointments with "Your Helpful Neighbor" would provide $250 to $300 in income.

If you would like to financially contribute, please do so through the GoFundMe link in the upper right or send a check or gift card to me at PO Box 21, Chester Heights, Pa. 19017.

Above all else, I need your prayers.  God knows the needs far more than we do.  God will provide what's needed when it's needed.

Thanks for reading.

Chris Battin

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