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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Philadelphia's daughters are routinely discharged from jail in the middle of the night!

I had a conversation this morning with two women who have been living on the streets in the City of Brotherly Love.  They explained to me that women are routinely released from the local women's prison in the middle of the night and are not given their ID or their money or their cell phone back and must come back another day to receive these items.

When they leave the grounds of the Philadelphia women's prison there is typically a line of men in cars looking to pick them up for "dates". Some of these women, because they desperately need money and have not been given their money back by the prison from which they were just released, will involve themselves in that date for money.

According to these women, it's not unusual to have some  these men be undercover policeman waiting to arrest these women for prostitution. They end up being arrested and put back in jail for that crime.

Dear Philadelphia prison system,

Please stop releasing your Daughters of the City of the American Revolution in the middle of the night. Also, please give them their ID and cell phone, money and all possessions that they came in with back to them immediately upon their discharge from your facilities. Do not make it a requirement that they come back another day.

Thank you.

PS... Dear readers of this blog, if you are reading this on Facebook and if this bothers you in any way and you feel something should be done, please don't just like it or put an angry face or something to that effect. Please share this on your Facebook page for your friends and public to see so that perhaps the right people will see this and changes will be made that will benefit the daughters of Philadelphia.

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