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Sunday, July 25, 2021

The Kensington Issue That Isn't…

Today, as I was doing my thing in Kensington, I met three new (new to me) people who reside on the streets in the midst of their Substance Use Disorder, active drug use and Medicaid's incompetence in providing dignified, prompt and respect filled health care.

These two men and one woman claim Delaware County as their own.  Brookhaven and Aston are the hometowns of the men.  The woman worked "for many years" at a Wawa that I can absolutely guarantee all of my Glen Mills, Pa. neighbors frequents on a regular basis.  You, dear neighbor to me in Glen Mills/Garnet Valley, have met her!!!

We speak of Kensington as if it is some faraway land filled with 'addicts, junkies, freeloaders, panhandlers, prostitutes and whores' more gently labeled as 'them' and 'they'. 

It is not. 

By default, this aspect of what's happening in Kensington is NOT a Kensington issue.

These human beings who are made in the image of God and who are worthy of the highest dignity, honor, respect and love are, for a stunningly shocking majority, our actual, factual, literal, real, genuine, authentic, bona fide next-door neighbors to YOUR suburban mailing address! 

Philadelphia suburbs resident:  That's YOUR next-door neighbor on the streets of Kensington!!!!

Read this series of blogs to better understand what your neighbors are experiencing and

Get Involved Accordingly!!!!!

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