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Sunday, August 15, 2021

It has been explained to me...

It has been explained to me by several people who live on the streets of Kensington that approximately 90% of all women who are living on the streets are reliant on engaging in prostitution to support their medicinal needs as patients with substance use disorder. 

It has been further explained that approximately 70% of all the men on the streets are completely reliant on those 90%. Meditate on that thought for a little bit.

What other officially recognized medical condition requires its patients to continue to engage in prostitution to support the purchase of the medicine AKA heroin that they need to keep from getting horrendously dope sick? 

Would it not be better for everyone involved if the system would provide prompt and dignity and respect-filled care immediately upon request of the patient for that care?

It is way way way beyond time for the people in positions of authority to review every aspect of the Medicaid system and come up with new procedures for meeting the needs of these medical patients with substance use disorder.

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