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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Why do I do what I do in Kensington?

I had the privilege today of witnessing the most incredible Christ spirit-filled well-read and intellectually knowledgeable Bible study leader and Christian whose roots of all of the above were founded in a jail cell within a jail (AKA "The Hole") in upstate Pennsylvania when Christ came knocking on his heart.

What did I witness?
He embraced a brokenhearted woman who unexpectedly had to say goodbye to her son until the day they meet again in heaven. Her son was not lost to drug use but to the random happenings of life.
This extraordinary Christian Bible study leader embraced her and she embraced him.

Big deal you say?
Years ago he was her drug dealer and she was his customer.
Why do I do what I do in Kensington?
Maybe now you have a small understanding.

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