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Friday, May 10, 2024

The Civil War and Slavery in the States of Our Nation... and the civil war and slavery in the disease of our addictions

The battle that goes on in the mind of the patient with Substance Use Disorder has a lot of comparison with our Nation's Civil War.

In this first video, I offer an example of how they compare and what we should do in response to the comparison.

Here are a couple of documentaries to help us better understand the comparison of 

The Civil War over slavery of humans
the civil war of slavery battling in the minds of humans

As you watch these documentaries,


transpose these battle of bullets, bayonets and blood
and the knowledge of how to win such battles
in such a way that the battles within the mind 
diseased by addiction 
can achieve an equivalent victory.

I welcome the input of militarily trained persons
and those with knowledge of this part of our history
who have a heart for addicted persons
to chime in on this discussion.

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