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Saturday, December 21, 2019

My Christmas Letter to "Diane"

Dear Diane,
I only knew you for a couple of years as you lived inside your naturally raspy-voiced elegant pure gold and fine porcelain container.  From day one, your inner spirit, overflowing with the Love of your LORD and Savior shined bright within the environment in which we first met.  You quickly became the inner portion of my inner circle of friends who allowed me into their lives in that sad setting.  Even in your hardest and most challenging days, your Faith-In-Christ Filled Spirit Burned Bright.

Diane, I only knew you for a couple of years.  I cannot begin to know the pain of missing you that your Mom, Dad, Sisters, Step Dad, Aunts, Cousins, further extended family and most of all those two precious living memorials to whom you gave birth, as well as your best friend and co-creator thereof, are going through.

Diane, I do thank you for your final letter to me that you wrote ten days before you went Home and arrived to me three days after you arrived Home.  

Not that I needed to know it but with this statement in your own writing, I and all who love you can know beyond the shadow of any doubt that you are alive and well in a way that none of us can fully understand. 

Help us LORD and help us Diane to follow Christ's Ways of doing life on this earth so that one day, we can all be together again in HIS, YOUR and in each other's presence.  In Jesus' Holy Name I pray.  Amen.

In the meantime Diane, we cry for your absence from us and experience our saddest ever of Christmases.  However, in knowing that you are with your LORD for the first time in your never-ending eternal eternity celebrating His birth in His actual and factual presence, we can know Joy upon Joy for you our dear Mommy, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, lover, all other manners of relationship plus friend.

And so, Diane, I thank you for being exactly who you were on earth and who you are in Eternity and I humbly gift to you the following which seems to sum up all I'm trying to say…

Your temporarily heartbroken and eternally Joy-Filled friend,


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