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Sunday, October 25, 2020

in honor of three friends

This is my first ever dictated blog. To be honest, I'm not sure how it's going to go. 

I'm frustrated. On today's visit to Kensington, I saw three adults who despise their reliance on substances which our society has labeled illegal and is in fact potentially instantly deadly. I have known these three individuals for all of my four plus years of visiting the area. Two are women and one is a man. The one woman as a medical condition which could claim her life and this medical condition is secondary to her drug use. The other woman has a family waiting for her at home. The man is a Tradesman and very capable of some amazing skills within his profession. 

These three fine people who I've always enjoyed conversing with are trapped on the street. They are trapped by that battle of wanting to put this behind them and wanting the high. It's like two parts of the brain arguing with each other in an argument that the rest of us cannot begin to understand. 

The other part of the situation is that each one of these individuals has sought a way out through the medical establishment established for them. In each case they have been treated with such ridiculous hideousness that they have abandoned their efforts and continue to live on the street. It is high time that our society looks at how we welcome the men and women who reach that point of being ready and who are reliant on Medicaid for their health care Financial provision. 

I have written about this numerous times and I feel like I'm screaming at a rock wall of deafness among those who could make a difference. I beg of you if you are in any position of leadership or governmental control or what have you that you look at this issue and find ways to correct it. 

These three individuals represent hundreds if not thousands of men and women within Philadelphia and its surrounding cities who would much rather have healing than being high.

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