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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Dear Suburban Housewife/Girlfriend,

Dear Suburban Housewife/Girlfriend,

You might want to have a chat with your man, especially if he drives a black Cadillac Escalade and tends to keep it in pristine condition.

He was on Kensington Avenue on Sunday.  The young lady he picked up and drove off with is a woman I've come to know over my five years of visiting those streets.  I must admit, this man who you believe is solely dedicated to you shows excellent taste in picking her up for his own orgasmic goals.  She's an exquisite, downright stunning woman when she's all dressed up and made up in preparation for 'doing a date.'  So stunning is she that in those moments when you and he may be intimate - if those moments exist these days  -, he might be closing his eyes imagining her and not looking at you.[1]

If there's the slightest comfort to be found for you in this it might be in knowing that this woman would rather not be performing requested sex acts on your man.  She would rather be with her desperately ill loved one with whom she has shared several actually intimate years and be with her own children and family who love her without any conditional attachments.

But she can't. 

She needs to financially support her active medicinal intake of 'heroin' by 'doing a date' because she knows that seeking treatment through the Medicaid system of health care provision is so sought with undignified lethargic and uncaring service that it is a far smoother process to jump into your family car and onto 'your' man - if that's his desire - than it is to go get the care she desires from medical Medicaid employed representatives who have dedicated their careers to the ideals of Hippocrates.

If we solve the Medicaid health care provision crisis, we just might save your relationship…



[1] As a footnote, I'd like you to know that even when she's sitting next to her street bound tent home, her natural beauty is absolutely apparent.

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