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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Your Prayers Are Needed for "Your Helpful Neighbor"

For the past almost five years, I've been visiting Kensington, doing whatever I can and sharing with you the true stories of real people in ways that protect their anonymity.  I've loved every moment of the experience.  I've delivered countless cases of bananas, water, and clothes, along with reams of song sheets.  The latter is the most popular of all and that makes me happy. 

To date, I've provided Narcan to 10 people on the streets.  I've taken a few people to detox, hugged, laughed, and cried with people, spiritually adopted one stunningly brilliant daughter and conducted one funeral of an amazing Christian who was found by overdose before she found healing.

Two cars have served me well during this time.  The first was a Chevy Uplander that eventually met its demise due to an inoperable clogged cooling system.  The second, a Nissan Altima, has held up through an additional 60,000 miles from its previous use.  It is showing signs of nearing the end of its service life.  Its immediate ailments are a failed air conditioner system accompanied by some really inappropriate sounds that led my mechanic to advise me to use the car sparingly until I can get it in the shop tomorrow (Thursday 6/3) morning.  The bill may be pushing $1,000 for repairs.

In the past, I have sought prayer and financial support with the above-mentioned bananas, water, song sheets and other smaller items.  People have been very generous.  I'm now turning to you for the biggest prayer support/fundraiser I've ever done in regard to my efforts in Kensington.

It's time to find a new to me, AKA used vehicle for my efforts in Kensington and personal use. 

Your support could come in various forms such as:

First and foremost, Prayer for the guidance that leads to:

Locating a vehicle through a dealership or private owner who may be sensitive to my efforts and willing to give 'a great deal' or an outright donation of an appropriate vehicle for the cause.

Financial donations by way of any of the processes listed on my fundraising page for when I find the right vehicle (or repair the current one) for the cause.

Any input you care to share is very welcome...

Thank you for considering this possibility.

Prayerfully and Sincerely,


AKA: Banana Man

Contact Information:

Phone number provided by way of email

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