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Friday, March 25, 2022

I Hope So...

These hours between sunset and sunrise, Friday into Saturday have become a Sacred time in my world as of eleven weeks ago this night.  

Unwittingly, unwantingly, her spirit moved Home sometime in the quiet hours between dusk and dawn.  

Four weeks after that fateful night, these words in yellow came to me as if being spoken to me by a loved one.  I believe they were…  No… I know they were from her.

Anyone who knew my Earth departed and now Heaven-homed friend knew that she was an amazing, naturally gifted counselor.  Numerous times during the two years that we were in nearly daily communication, she would listen intently, question inquisitively and respectfully, share a thought, offer an idea, or make a suggestion that demonstrated her skills of counsel which were far beyond her years and academic level.  

Our world lost the opportunity of knowing this amazing counselor.

These words in yellow were on Wednesday’s song sheet that I shared with the people on the streets, quite a few of whom knew and loved my friend.  The spontaneous routine reaction from many of them as they read these words was:  “Oh! WOW!”

One woman took these words farther than the other folks who read the same thing.  She came back to me maybe half an hour later with a shake in her voice…

“I want to wake up tomorrow morning.  I’m going to detox today.”

She didn’t stay to talk about her idea.  She was on a mission.  She marched out of view and I didn’t see her again.

Did she go to a crisis center to be cleared for admission to a detox facility?  I hope so.  If she did go, did she stay long enough to be admitted or did she experience what another person I know experienced when she found her ‘ready moment’ and went to a crisis center for entry into detox?  Click here to read about that in her own words.

Did she get into detox or did she need to be medically cleared at an emergency room only to be told by an R.N. to “Get Out of My Emergency Room!” as was one of the DelCo Five?  

For as bad as that statement by an R.N. is, the worst statement I’ve ever heard was received by my friend days before she died: 

"We are discharging you because we need your bed for real patients.” 

Why would any medical professional say such a dreadful thing to a physically, emotionally, and spiritually fragile patient of an officially recognized medical diagnosis?

These words in yellow which were provided by one who wishes she had done something differently this evening eleven weeks ago and who didn’t want to die are her words of counsel offered to one and all who still have an opportunity to create a new path for life.

The reader of these words in yellow was ready to receive care?

Was the system for medical provision ready, willing, and able to provide the care?

I Hope So...

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