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Friday, December 9, 2016

A Man John, His Son James and a Soccer Ball

As I type this, there is a man named John who is sitting in jail cell.  He loves his young son named James who misses his Dad.  How do I know this?

Through my involvement with Urban Hope, I chose an angel from the "Angel Tree" that is set up in the church.  Angel Tree provides presents for children who have a parent incarcerated for an offense that is inconsequential to their child nor to me.  I chose that Angel Tree tag and asked what James might like.  "He's really into soccer." I was told.

Not being a sports guy, I wasn't sure where to start.  Heck, I recognise a basketball two out of three times.  That's my sports knowledge.  Anyway, I'm digressing....

James is about 10 years old and that's a tender age not to have Dad around.  I found a soccer ball on Amazon, bought it, wrapped it, put it's Angel Tree tag on it and put it in my car for delivery to Urban Hope tomorrow.

It's amazing to think that one soccer ball that I found on sale for about $10.00 will represent a child's father's love for his son and the eternal love of God.

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