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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Well, that didn't take long.

I thought I would leave home early by about 2 hours to go to the Conquering grounds Cafe in Bensalem Pennsylvania. I stopped along the way at the Wawa store on Aramingo Avenue to see if Mickey and others who I know from here we're here. I pulled into the parking lot, got halfway around the building and there was Mickey walking across the parking lot. In this hot weather her shirt was rolled up a little bit and I could see how much weight she has lost by being on the street for four years.  I asked her if she had eaten today and she said yes she's had 3 full meals and it's quarter of 5 p.m. I jokingly said that I should have come up earlier and eaten with her. She went on to explain that she's desperate for a cigarette and needs 5 more dollars for her next purchase although she didn't say it quite that bluntly. She knows that I will not buy her cigarettes and I will not give her money.

I looked at her and I told her that I knew that she would make it through this situation if she chooses to and reminded her of what we talked about last time. She seemed to understand. With that we said our goodbyes and I went into the store to buy a fruit smoothie that I am now enjoying as I sit here in the parking lot. And she is sitting next to the door to the store looking for money to continue her lifestyle.

Dear Lord May the seed of faith that was planted in her a couple of days ago begin to grow in Jesus name. Amen

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