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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dad Would Be Proud of Urban Hope!

I thought of my Dad's quote today at Urban Hope when Omar presented a digital welding mask to Mike.  

Here's the story...

Mike has been homeless for the past two or three weeks.  Life fell apart for NON-drug related reasons.  He has been living under a tree behind a drug store all this time.  He's been carting his few personal items with him whenever he walks away from that tree.  

Mike is a professional welder.  Among his personal supplies was a digital welding mask, an expensive and vital tool for a welder.  Last Thursday, it was stolen from him when his back was turned.  With a possible welding job interview in a couple of days, not having this welding mask could break any possibilities of getting this desperately needed job.  

When I saw Mike on Thursday night, he was angry at the world and thinking there was no point in trying to get life fixed.  He mentioned to me having the mask stolen.  I texted Omar, a man at Urban Hope who would know what to do to find a new mask.  Within a couple hours, a mask had been found on line for Mike, a man who had never entered Urban Hope but who has entered our community.

Mike agreed to go with me to Urban Hope for church to get the mask.  As a diehard Roman Catholic man, he promised me that he would not be influenced by the differences between his church traditions that he holds dear and what he was about to expreience at Urban Hope.  He did his best to maintain his composure in a worship environment that was significantly different than his own.  

He was greeted warmly and with Christ's love by many men and women who were clearly glad he was there.  After the worship service, Omar presented the mask to Mike and all defenses within Mike melted away.  This hardened south Philly construction worker (Did I mention professional welder?) warmed up to so many people when he sensed something going right in his life for the first time in weeks - maybe months or years.  He was so moved by what was happening that he requested a Bible of his own (large print).

Urban Hope, through prayer, seeks to meet the real and essential needs of the people coming into its community.  Dad would be proud!!!

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