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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mickey - Black Eye and Bruised Face

For the past several days, I've been reporting on Facebook that Mickey is missing.  I've come to know how much love there is for this woman who has been calling the street "home" for something like four years.  I wrote about those aspects of love for Mickey in my previous blog.

In these past several days, I've been texted and called by caring strangers who have seen Mickey and described behaviors that I know to be hers. This morning's call was different.  A woman called to say that she had seen Mickey near the Arby's on Aramingo which is reasonable.  That's her typical path.

She said "Mickey has a black eye 
and a bruised face!"

I shared with this caller my observations of Mickey and how she is not your typical addict on the street.  There's a small community of people who see the goodness in Mickey.  None of us can, as of yet, coax this Feral kitten of a person - made in the image of God - into a better life.

And so we sit on the sidelines and wait...  and pray...

Mickey has a black eye and a bruised face!  She's somewhere in the vicinity of Aramingo and Huntington, Lehigh, B Street and The Tracks.  Her path may be widening and so keep looking.

Don't look for a pathetic panhandler!  Don't look for an addict!  Don't look for a loser!  Look for Mickey (or Kim)!  Look for that young woman who could be your daughter, granddaughter, niece or neighbor!

When you find her, remember, she's a feral kitten who needs to be gently guided to a safer life.  And please call me...

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