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Friday, September 1, 2017

You Will Harvest What You Plant.

Following a very good discussion on Galatians 6:7-9 at Urban Hope's "Road to Recovery" meeting, I returned to my community of friends under the bridge.  After distributing a few bottles of water and plugging in two resident's cell phones for charging in my car, I sat down with three who I knew would be open to my sharing a thought or two about this passage.  One, in particular, was very interested.

She read this passage out loud off of my BibleGateway App on my phone and wholeheartedly agreed with the concept and the lesson of the passage.  And then she shared this real life example of how she plants decay and death in her own life:

"Sometimes, when I go on a date, I cry because I don't want to be doing what I'm doing.  The guy sometimes asks me what's wrong and I just say that there's something in my eye that's making me tear up.  In reality, though, I hate doing what I'm doing."

Having had many conversations with this same person, I know that she is also planting the seeds that will eventually produce a harvest of everlasting life from the Spirit provided, of course, that she is able to find the fertile soil as described in the Parable of the Farmer Scattering Seed in Matthew 13.

It is moments such as this that keep me going to visit this community of people.  As I sat there last night on the sidewalk on this thing pretending to be a mattress, a musty dampness was settling in.  Motor cycles roar and cars with stereos blaring, sail past at breakneck speed while a train travels above us and crickets chirp in a nearby patch of grass.  And people share their lives with me.  One, a school dropout... Another with a master's degree... Still another, a surgeon want-to-be... All there because drugs are an ingredient in their life's journey.

Sitting down with these people is an incredible experience.  I do need your help by praying for these people.  I also need funds to continue to provide iced water and fruit on a regular basis, basic medical supplies and so much more.  If you would like to help me with this otherwise self-funded ministry, please visit my GoFundMe page.

If you live within range, you can help me with funding by allowing me to serve you through my service business.  Please let me know.

Thank you.
Chris Battin

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