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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Symptoms of Sickness

The symptoms of the medically recognized condition known as 'Substance Use Disorder' can be found here.

The symptoms of withdraw, commonly referred to on the street as 'dope sickness,' can be found here.

It is time for us to look at the symptoms of sickness that make health care provision to patients of Substance Use Disorder and who are reliant on Medicaid so incredibly week and unable to support its patients who are in desperate need and desire for care. 

There are no articles that I can find to share with you so here are two blogs from within my own series:

It would be far better to initiate treatment of the Medicaid reliant patient of Substance Use Disorder in the Crisis Center rather than make them wait for full admission to the detox facility.

A Tale of Addiction, One Set of Fraternal Twins And Two Sets of Simulated Hardwood Floors

In these links, you will find firsthand accounts of the symptoms of Medicaid healthcare provision sickness that is causing overdose death at a higher rate than the actual use of the drugs would cause in and of themselves.

It all boils down to money.  In round numbers, private insurance pays $1,000 per day to provide Substance Use Disorder detox and rehabilitation services in an inpatient facility.  Medicaid pays $200 for the same services.  

Close that gap.  

Find ways for Medicaid to properly fund and we will save lives.

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