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Friday, September 4, 2020

Too many people have died recently in this apartment building.

 "Too many people have died recently in this apartment building.  One was in the building for three days before they found their body."[1] 

Subsidized housing for people who are suffering homelessness can be a powerful first step in regaining orientation to life and strength and developing a clear focus on what steps to take next in life.  

If that person's reason for homelessness is rooted in Substance Use Disorder and that person is still using, is housing in a setting of solitude an acceptable answer?  Is it a safe answer?  Is it an answer that the medical community, the members of which have dedicated their careers to the ideals of Hippocrates, would approve? 

People who are still using must continue to use until medical intervention is realized within their personal journey.  Until then, I simply ask this question in this short blog: 

Is private housing in the absence of a definite plan for ending potentially deadly drug use an acceptable answer to this current crisis?

[1] This quote has been generalized so as to preserve the anonymity of those who have died and the one who made this statement.

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