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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Even in the most elegant of detox/rehab settings, people walk away AMA.

Even in the most elegant of detox/rehab settings, people walk away AMA[1].  It's a sad reality that the civil war of the mind can be won in favor of the drug even within the realm of excellent and luxurious medical care.

There seems to be two realms of reality in this civil war toward health and away from active drug use for patients with Substance Use Disorder.  This blog will focus on one realm.

The first part of the battle is experienced by patients with Substance Use Disorder who are reliant on Medicaid for their treatment of this officially recognized condition. 

Regardless of their insurance coverage, a patient with Substance Use Disorder must get to that point where they determine to be 'ready' for detox. 

The patient reliant on Medicaid who has reached that 'ready' moment will experience the following:

Mental Rot as they sit "ready" in a jail cell

Damaged Determination as they are treated for a secondary medical condition and not for dope sickness.

Absurdly Slow steps in securing a bed for a person who truly wants to be done with addiction.

And the worst of all atrocities against these Medicaid reliant patients with Substance Use Disorder…

Being told by a registered nurse in the minutes after their Narcan saved overdose to "Get out of my emergency room!"

These four examples represent some of the obstacles to a new life that patients with Substance Use Disorder who are reliant on Medicaid experience day in and day out.  When you multiply these issues by the hundreds of patients on the streets of Kensington, you can begin to see how these atrocities lead to what is being experienced in Kensington today.  Kensington Does Not Have an Opioid Crisis!

This category of obstacle is very much within the realm of medical professionals who have vowed their careers to the ideals of Hippocrates and elected officials to institute changes in how we serve these patients. 

The reward of initiating these changes will be renewed health to these patients and to the community of Kensington and far beyond.

Let it be so.

[1] Against Medical Advice

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