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Saturday, May 29, 2021

DD or TT? That is the question…

DD or TT?  That is the question…

There are only two ways that opioid use ends for an individual with Substance Use Disorder. 

A person Decides Detox or 'fate' ends it with a Toe Tag.

That's it. There is no alternative…  There is no third option…

I celebrate any time that one of my loved ones on the streets of Kensington Decides to Detox.   That individual has reached the point where they are ready to seek the treatment that will return them to the healthy life that they once knew - and maybe an even more incredible version thereof.

Medicaid-funded patients with Substance Use Disorder on the streets of Kensington - and that's essentially 100 percent of the population - are reliant on medical provision which is far less than honorable and does not reflect the standards of the Hippocratic Oath upon which all medical professionals have committed their careers.

When any of our loved ones on the streets of Kensington reaches that point of Deciding Detox, the Medicaid-based health care community MUST be prepared - as required by the Hippocratic Oath - to provide services to their patients in a beneficial, prompt, dignity and respect filled manner.

This is not the case:

Does Philadelphia - the City of Brotherly Love - truly want to end what is called the 'opioid crisis'?  If so, please stop looking at it as an "opioid crisis"!  When it comes to the people on the streets of Kensington, what we are seeing play out day in and day out, night in and night out is far more of a crisis in the delivery of Medicaid based health care than it is a crisis led by an inanimate powder in a little blue wrapper.

We cannot correct the ways of that inanimate powder to stop being anything other than what it is. 

We can correct the ways of a broken system of health care so as to bring healing to its patients so they can overcome the inherent hazards of that inanimate powder.

Do we want to save far more lives (and families) than we do now?

Solve the Medicaid-based health care delivery process and we will do so.

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Kensington Does Not Have an Opioid Crisis!


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