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Friday, May 12, 2023

Go to your room if you're that uncomfortable.

Should a female patient be expected to stay as an inpatient on a coed floor where one of the men has reawakened her PTSD from a rape years ago by pinning her to the floor in a chokehold while the staff does nothing to stop the situation?

What appears as simply signing out AMA (against medical advice) because they don't want to be there often has deeper roots and needs to be considered as a possible violation of the trust the patient put into the care facility when that care facility did nothing to protect the patient.

The care facility only adds to the trauma when they simply tell this patient who trusted them to simply "Go to your room if you're that uncomfortable."


  1. The other patient should have been removed for being violent

    1. I agree... There's no healing to be found in an environment where the victim of this violence does not feel safe.