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Thursday, May 4, 2023

What level of administrative and procedural incompetence...?

What level of administrative and procedural incompetence allows multiple incoming detox patients to mingle together in a waiting area while their admissions process is underway!? 

The end result... 

Someone who desperately wants care and wants to stay away from their drugs and has no drugs on them upon entering the building is exposed to someone who does not care quite as much and does have drugs on them. 

The first one ends up accepting the drug because their power of resistance is not where it needs to be and dope sickness has started to set in.

This attempt for detox by the first one ended in near disaster with an overdose in the bathroom because this place does not escort non-searched people into the waiting area bathroom! Fortunately for this first one, someone did walk into the bathroom and realize the situation in time for the person to be saved. This is not how a professional detox facility should be operating. When is this insanity of incompetence in professional Medicaid level facilities going to stop?

Is it any wonder that people are dying at such alarming rates?

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