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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Kirkbride failed and my dear friend is giving up on finding professional care.

I would love to know how, in two out of two times, my loved one was exposed to illicit drugs during her admissions process and once up on the floor. 

In her present condition at those moments, she was not able to resist the obvious temptation and consumed. 

The details that she shared with me were so detailed that I fully believe that other people brought the drugs into the facility and ultimately to her. No one was searched nor kept separated during the admissions process as they should have been.

Let us just assume that those stories were not accurate and she actually brought there's illicit drugs in which I fully believe she did not because I was with her in the hours leading up to both self-determined completely voluntary admissions.

Whether her account of what happened is accurate or not, Kirkbride failed her miserably! Any detox worth its weight or even a quarter of its weight has every moral and legal and ethical obligation to make sure that they are providing a drug-free environment. 

Kirkbride failed and my dear friend is giving up on finding professional care.

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