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Thursday, May 4, 2023


Imagine being so desirous for detox and psychological services that you voluntarily commit yourself to a psychiatric hospital.

Imagine your surprise when after 36 hours, the doctor initiates your subutex when you know darn well that it has to be at least 48 hours. You mentioned that to the doctor but the doctor says… 

No. Trust me. 36 hours is fine. 

Imagine going into precipitated withdrawal almost immediately.

Imagine begging for comfort care as your unexpected precipitated withdrawal wreaks havoc on your mind and body. 

Imagine asking and being told there was nothing that can be done and furthermore being told by professionals on staff in your co-ed unit… 

You put yourself in this situation and now you just have to deal with it.

Imagine being in so much agony that you give 72 hours' notice that you will be leaving since they can't help you with the precipitated withdrawal that they caused by giving you what you would have taken willingly at the appropriate time.

Imagine being stuck in this co-ed unit when a large muscular man, a patient, pins you to the ground in a chokehold reminiscent of a rape you experienced years before and immediately results in PTSD flashbacks.

Imagine walking down the hallway of your co-ed unit heading to your room when you randomly glance into the room across the hall from you and witness a man, a patient, masturbating.

Imagine the conversation with your doctor when you explain that all of this has left you very uncomfortable with being on this unit. 

Imagine your doctor saying… 

If you're that uncomfortable then just go to your room.

Imagine leaving that unit where you came for detox and psychological services further traumatized by these events and lack of caring on that floor and being back at Square One trying to figure out what next to do to remove yourself from your substance use when you know you need professional help to do so.

One person I know does not need to imagine any of this. This happened to one of my loved ones who I met in Kensington and who is desperately desiring to be relieved from their demon of addiction.

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